Why Dubai golf is the best in the world

Monday 14 August 2017

Finding the right golf destination for yourself may seem like an impossible task. To make your decision easier here is some reasons why Dubai golf could be fitting for you. As one of the top golf destinations in world you should at least consider Dubai as your next golf destination. Here some reasons why Dubai golf is better than golf in the rest of the world.

Dubai golf means luxury

Dubai is well-known as luxurious holiday destination around the world so it’s not surprise that Dubai golf will be at least as high-quality experience as the rest of the city. With money you can get almost anything to make your experience perfect but that’s not even main point of Dubai’s luxury. Dubai golf courses aren’t just for playing golf but you can mingle with the other golfers with drink in your hand after a good game or enjoy the sunny day with your personal assistant and buggy who will do anything for you.

It’s not just Dubai golf, it’s full Dubai experience

Dubai golf and the most unique experience of your life would as well be synonyms. During normal game, you can see tall buildings of Dubai all around the golf course. Maybe you will even spot some of the main landmarks and tourist attractions above everything else. But if that isn’t enough for you why not to try playing during night time? Night golf courses are just one of the many interesting services Dubai golf provides for the visitors. There is literally anything from professional golf teachers to some of the best golf courses in the world.

Dubai golf clubs are amongst the best in the world

In Dubai everything looks perfect and so do the golf clubs. Clubs maintain the golf courses and provide services for golfers. There is private clubs and open ones. You can also meet some of the best golfers in the world here and maybe get some good tips or end up having heated conversation about the newest winds of golfing. Making new acquaintance and enjoying the well maintained golf clubs are one of the best sides of Dubai golf.

Dubai golf scene like the city is always changing

Dubai is always growing and changing to even more modern city. Dubai golf follows the same path and is always changing to something bigger and better. This is also the reason why so many golfers return to Dubai again and again. The changing golf scene provides always something new from unusual golf courses to services you can only get in Dubai.

Now you just have to start planning your golf trip to Dubai! If you need more convincing read also our article of “5 Reasons why golfers like to play golf in Dubai” or check our golf courses Dubai.