What makes France a great place to play golf in

Monday 25 June 2018

What makes France a great place to play golf in?

a Although France is also home to solid European Tour players and an LPGA major, its golf identity is best revealed in a tour of its unexpectedly alluring courses. Golf in France offers surprising accessibility, good value and memorable scenery, and that's before you take in the country's monumental attractions.

Golf, also known as the rich man’s game, has plenty of amazing benefits and recreational advantages. However, golf cannot be played easily in any country of the world. There are certain requirements that each place needs to have to be able to host a game of golf well. For instance, France happens to be one of the most popular countries especially as far as the game of golf is concerned. Golf in France is so popular because of the following reasons:

Plenty of golf courses in France

You name the place in France and it will have a golf course in it. Golf courses in France are all over the place. Biarritz itself has a total of 16 courses and there are plenty more on their way to completion. 

Pleasant climate

Too much rain or too much sun is not recommended for this sport. Golf majorly relies upon how well the weather that day is to set the mood for the game. The climate of France is pleasant and unnerving, to say the least. This is why golf is a common sport here.

Inexpensive golf accessories

Golf is known as the rich man’s game since its accessories are mostly quite expensive and rarely used. But golf in France is quite the opposite. You can play golf here for a minimal amount and receive training too for the same. It is not extremely cheap, but definitely less expensive than golf in other countries.

Conclusion about golf in France

True that there are plenty of other factors too that make France one of the best places in the world to play golf in, the above-mentioned reasons pretty much sum it up. Make sure you team up with regular golfers in France whenever you play a game there, who are nothing less than professional players. It is important to have a first-hand experience to know why a real golf game looks like in France.