Top 3 Golf Courses North France

By Esther Weeber  |  Monday 24 February 2020

The top 3 golf courses in North France.

There are a total of 656 golf courses in France, and all of them are famous for their particular reasons but north France is rich with the beautiful and top courses of the country, as per our rating, the top three golf courses in north France are:

  1. Golf de Wimereux
  2. Golf d’Hardelot
  3. Aa Golf de Saint-Omer

Golf de Wimereux

It is the best course in the area, developed in 1901, Golf de Winreux is the oldest golf course is one of the oldest course in northern France, the course was retouched after the World War II and designed as Scottish links golf course, it is par 72 golf course spanning over 6150m. Having wide fairways and lush greens, this is the masterpiece of the courses; this course hosted a lot of international events and European tours. It is a mix of dog-leg holes, lengthy par 5s, and tricky par 3s. It is a must to play golf course for those who keep traveling to play a variety of golf courses as this beautiful course is filled with challenges.

Golf d’Hardelot

Golf d'Hardelot contains two beautiful courses: 

1 - Les Pins - A longer one, having par 73 total scores and is 5,929m in length. 2 - Les Dunes - Is a little shorter course having par 72, 5,713m   

Les Pins is surrounded by forests and beautiful sceneries. Les Dunes contains a big see view along with a lot of holes, it contains the hilly terrains and undulating landscapes.  

If someone is visiting France he must visit Golf d'Hardelot and should play in both the courses to enjoy different types of courses at the same place.

Aa Golf de Saint-Omer 

Another top course in north France is Aa Golf de Saint-Omer which contains 27 holes; a PGA standard 18 hole par 73 course which spreads over 6218m and 9 hole course is par 31 and is 2038m long. This is a hilly course and offers a lot of challenges to the players. Those having a shortage of time can go for the 9 holes and enjoy the same course within the less distance and time. 

These three courses are top in north France and one of the greatest destinations for golf travelers around the globe.