Things to do after playing Lisbon Golf

Monday 25 September 2017

Lisbon is perfect golf destination with beautiful landscapes and interesting culture. After day of playing Lisbon golf you should head to the city and see what it has to offer. Next we have listed a few things you can try during evening after long day of playing golf in Lisbon.

Eat tasty local food

After playing Lisbon Golf for a whole day you will be hungry so what would be better way to spend the evening than going to some of the best restaurants in Lisbon? And don’t forget to taste some of the local delicacies. We recommend you to try out either bacalhau, tripas or cozido a portuguesa but the best way to get delicious food is to ask recommendation from your waitress. They know what is the best local cuisine you can get in their restaurant. Portugal is also well known for its wines so have a few glasses of fine wine with your dinner.

If you need restaurant recommendations, here is some of the most popular ones in Lisbon: Restaurante Alma, Solar dos Presuntos, Casa da Comida and Sommelier Lisbon

Enjoy Fado show after your Lisbon golf round

Seeing one of these traditional folk music shows is must thing to do in Lisbon whatever you are there for golfing or holiday. Usually melancholic music includes different peaceful instruments and one singer “Fadista” who tells sad stories about themes like death and love with poetic tone. Finding Fado performance isn’t hard because it is popular evening entertainment. We recommend finding restaurant with Fado performer so you can enjoy nice local meal while listening the music known as cultural pearl of Lisbon.

More walking after Lisbon golf rounds

The city of Lisbon is beautiful place to just wander around. This is why we recommend that if you are not too tired after playing golf in Lisbon just walk around and see the city. Especially the old town area is full of beautiful buildings, small cafes and streets worth of following. If hunger surprises you, just step to one of those small cafes or have a street food to full your stomach.

Miradouro da Graça and sunset

Lisbon is beautiful in sunset and so one of the best things to do here during evening is to find perfect space for enjoying some snacks while seeing the sunset behind the city. Miradouro da Graça fits this purpose as a place named after poet who used to write poems on this spot looking over the city. Viewpoint is well-known picnic area so buy some local snacks and wine before going.

And if any of the tips above didn’t feel like something you would enjoy here is list of three more things you may try in Lisbon after day of golfing:

  • Take a boat trip on the Tagus river and see sunset
  • Go to concert or theater
  • Enjoy the sunset from rooftop bar