How to truly experience Marrakech and Marrakech golf

Marrakech is a city like no other and it’s an unbelievably unforgettable experience and not only for Marrakech Golf. The city is addictive, chaotic, frantic, vibrant, and fun with a touch of both Europe and Africa blended beautifully. Marrakech is a city with something for everyone and the following are experiences you do not want to miss when you find yourself in the Red City of Morocco.

1. Stay in a Riad

A riad is a traditional Moroccan homestead with a courtyard at the center. Staying in a riad is truly the ultimate Moroccan experience and is a fantastic way to live Marrakech through the lens of the old city with everything at your doorstep.

One of the best riads in Marrakech is the Riad Joya which has luxury rooms all facing the internal courtyard with breakfast on the roof in the mornings and beautiful terraces and a swimming pool.

2. Indulge in the freshest orange juice

An experience to enjoy is ordering freshly squeezed orange juice from a stall in Jemma el-Fnaa. The Moroccan oranges are legendary and a cool glass of refreshing juice is the perfect interlude as you take in the sights and sounds of the chaotic square.

A tip for sightseers is to watch the oranges as they are squeezed to ensure the freshness of your glass of orange juice. If you have a sensitive stomach, skip the water and ice.

3. Savor the Moroccan Mint Tea

Moroccan mint tea is a local delicacy as well as an art to watch as it is prepared and served. The refreshing mix of sugar and fresh mint is an exploding delightful treat for your taste buds. Being served Moroccan mint tea is a huge part of Moroccan hospitality and culture and an excellent alternative to alcohol which is not widely available in Marrakech

4. Experience a traditional Hammam

A Moroccan Hammam is a traditional bathing and cleansing Middle Eastern ritual that involves a hot steam room, a scrubbing and lastly an optional immersion in cold water with interval massages.

Nudity is commonly accepted in traditional hammams so be aware that visiting a Hammam is quite the local social experience! For first-time tourists, the Hammam de la Rose provides a good introduction to the local experience.

5. Marrakech Golf

The boom in golf has placed this Moroccan city as the new destination for Marrakech golf. The comfort and luxury of the city intersect beautifully with the challenge of Marrakech golf. Quality golf courses such as Al Maaden Golf course, the Palmeraie Golf Club, and the Assoufid Golf Course arguably offer a world class golfing experience.

The Al Maaden Golf course offers a walker friendly course dotted with geometric water features and a breathtaking landscape that makes Marrakech golf feel like you’re playing in a Moroccan garden.

The Palmeraie Golf Club is a Marrakech golf masterpiece dotted with seven lakes and gorgeous fairways in between palm trees against the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains. Top off your Marrakech experience with a round of Marrakech golf.