Growing interest in golf courses Singapore Thailand and Malaysia

Monday 08 May 2017

Golf is experiencing a level of growth in many locations worldwide similar to what happened in the Europe in the 60s, and again in the 90s. Asia's passion for golf is well known but is now evident for golf courses Malaysia, golf courses Singapore, and golf courses Thailand and even in China, South Korea and in unlikely Asian locations like Vietnam.

Whether you're an old pro, an amateur, or a rank newbie, you'll find a place to play the game of golf almost anywhere in Asia. From Singapore, Malaysia to Thailand, golf has gained tremendous popularity both as a relaxing pastime, and as a way of forging tight business connections. For instance over 260 golf courses, white sand beaches, tropical weather and friendly people make for an ideal golf vacation

Why to play golf courses Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia?

Some of the best golf courses in the world are in places like Thailand and Singapore, with incredibly beautiful and challenging courses adjacent to luxurious resorts. Besides the golf itself, the surroundings are incomparable. Even in major congested cities, golf courses are set in gorgeous surroundings, often just out of town in a relaxing countryside setting. Many have been created by world-famous designers with consultation by some of the game's most prestigious players, creating courses that stand out among all others. You'll find all the amenities of the American course and then some, with excellent clubhouses, restaurants, and spa facilities. If you're golfing your way through Southeast Asia, the heat may be stifling, but you're never too far away from a relaxing glass of cold tea, and a comfortable place to sit in the shade for a while and enjoy the tropical scenery

Benefits golf courses Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia

  1. It has become more affordable over the past few years.

Since there are so many golf courses to choose from, companies have been competing against each other to attract players. They do this by giving cheaper deals that are packaged with travel and hotels. In addition, the growing wages in Asian countries make it more affordable for the average worker to play golf.

  1. 2. Anybody can play and is simple to play.

You can play golf at any age as long as you can walk, stand and swing your arms. You don't have to be fit as Michael Jordan and all you need to do is aim for the hole.

  1. 3. It is great to play golf on your businesstrip to Asia

Golf is a great way in getting to know your clients. Instead of bringing them to dinner and have a talk, you can just bring them to a golf game. You can share your joys and the frustrations of playing golf together.

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